New Tool Helps Developers Improve Page Load Times

Page Speed Sitefinity Module

Today’s mobile-first environment has brought the continued evolution of website performance and page load times to the forefront of web development. If your site is loading slowly, it can potentially harm your relationship with both your customers and the search engines.

According to recent study by Doubleclick, 53% of mobile site visits are abandonedif pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. Ecommerce sites that experience slower load times experience higher rates of abandonment and most online shoppers will not return to a slowly loading ecommerce website. 

A page load slowdown of just one second was potentially estimated to cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales each year. Google has calculated that providing search results just four tenths of a second slower, they would lose 8 million searches per day. 

This means that you could be losing traffic and conversions if your site performance is not at or above the industry standard. It’s also painfully obvious that every milli-second count for developers looking to improve page load speed. 

To help make it easier for developers and marketers to analyze page load speed, we recently released a custom module that integrates into the Sitefinity CMS platform. Available for free on GitHub, this self-installing module allows the user to analyze the page load performance of multiple web pages simultaneously, as opposed to most page speed tools that only analyze one at a time.

Sitefinity Page Speed Module Results 

For developers and marketers who are tasked with analyzing page performance throughout a website, this new Page Speed Evaluation tool can save a significant amount of time. Simply select the page(s) you wish to the tool to review and then analyze the results. 

From a technical perspective, the module sends out a request to the Google API which, in turn, returns a JSON response. The JSON response is serialized to C# classes, that information is exposed throughWCF services to Telerik Kendo UI components for display in Sitefinity.

SItefinity Page Speed Module Results